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Fillers are free-to-air public information messages that cover health, safety and welfare topics and are used by government departments to raise awareness of important issues and affect behaviour change. They have been around since post-2nd world war and have produced some of TV's most iconic characters such as Charly Says and Jo & Petunia.

Fillers are used by broadcasters to traditionally plug gaps in schedules by using un-paid for space and are often used because of their high quality production which provides a seamless schedule to viewers watching. Modern Fillers have moved away from the more draconian tone of government messaging present in Fillers from the 40's, 50's and 60's  and instead offer helpful tips and advice for the general public such as checking batteries are working in smoke alarms, driving slower in adverse weather and taking the right precautions before travelling abroad.

The Fillers Marketing team work closely with producers and departments to develop messages and then are responsible for distributing and tracking the Fillers to feedback on their transmissions.

We are very proud of the content we distribute to broadcasters and look forward to working with departments and channels going forward!


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