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'Charley - Matches'

Charley - MatchesCOI, 1973

Welcome to TV and Radio Fillers, an archive of modern public information films and audio created by government for broadcasters ranging from large broadcast to small community. If you are a broadcaster interested in engaging content to help the community, register here.

Our films and audio are available free of charge to programme makers all over the United Kingdom. Fillers uniquely contain health, welfare or safety messages for the general public. They are used by all major TV channels and also by out-of-home screens, GP surgeries and community/internet broadcasters. They are available in many durations such as 10”, 20”, 30”, 60” (and more). Broadcast quality material can be delivered digitally or if you prefer by tape.

TV Fillers are fully cleared by Clearcast. The paperwork for current Fillers is available when you order.

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