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Welcome to The IC Space, the place for Internal Communication professionals across government. The information in The IC Space has been pulled together to help you deliver excellent government communications. Check out the latest updates below.

It’s a small world: comms in two of the smallest government bodies

What do Heads of Comms in some of the smallest government bodies do day to day? We caught up with Lisa Browne at GAD and Alex Barnett at GIAA to find out...

How to be more strategic: Channels

How often do you step back to consider what channels we need, how they relate to each other and how and where we should be deploying them to best effect? Lee Smith from Gatehouse gives his top tips and an essential checklist for your channels.

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Kicking the habit, changing behaviour with communications

Have you ever been frustrated when people don't do what you need them to, when you've told them, again and again? In this article, Lester Posner talks about the new GCS Behaviour Change guide and what you can do to become a more effective influencer in your organisation.


Watch an introduction to The IC Space from Russell Grossman - Project Leader, Government Internal Communications Excellence Project

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