Stationery and presentations


Stationery Word templates are available from the Artwork and templates section.

To order business cards you will need to go through the print vendor contract. Details are available on CabWeb.

HMG Stationery

Word templates

A set of simple Word templates has been created for use internally. They provide a variety of cover options to choose from and type styles for the document’s content.

Templates and in-depth publication guidance are available from the Artwork and templates section.

HM Word templates

Document cover design

The use of photography, illustration or graphics can be introduced into the design layout to reinforce key themes or create impact.

For cover photos, please follow brand guidance on Photography. Cover photos should not include the organisation name.

PowerPoint template

It is important that we are consistent across all materials, including our presentations.

When creating slides use minimal text, adding colour and imagery to engage the audience. Text should always be aligned left, including headings.

An example of a title slide is shown below. PowerPoint templates are available from the Artwork and templates section.

Internal colour printing resources are available from Reprographics.

HM Powerpoint template