Logo lock-up and principles

The government identity system has been designed to be a practical and cost-effective solution for consistent logo creation.

Its flexible approach allows logos to:

  • work across different media platforms
  • be tailored to specific audiences

All logos can be created in both landscape and portrait format to work across a range of media.

All logos consist of 3 elements:

  • a symbol (primarily the Royal Coat of Arms)
  • the department or organisation name
  • a colour line

The principles of how the 2 lock-ups work are illustrated below. They have been designed to keep the sizing, weight and spacing of the 3 elements consistent.

A. Master (portrait)

B. Secondary (landscape)

Place alternative insignia or symbols in the designated area, aligning them with the left edge of the lettering for the portrait lock-up or centred to the lettering for the landscape format.

Ensure that any replacement coats of arms, badges, insignia or symbols give the impression that they are part of the larger family of HM Government identities in both proportion and weight.


Typographic and naming principles

The typeface featured in the HM Government identity system is Helvetica Neue. Selected for accessibility, it provides a contemporary balance to the heraldic values of the Royal Coat of Arms, reflecting a progressive institution steeped in a rich heritage.

To ensure consistency across the HM Government family of identities, we follow a set of principles when typesetting the department or organisation name.

If followed consistently, the set of principles will create a cohesive and accessible family of identities across government, with the Royal Coat of Arms at the heart.

  • The relationship between the Royal Coat of Arms/symbol and department name must always be consistent with one of the 2 positions set out in these guidelines.
  • Names must be set in Helvetica Neue, Roman.
  • Names must be set in upper and lower case to ensure accessibility.
  • Always use an ampersand rather than ‘and’.
  • Use the full name rather than acronyms (the exception being HM). This is to reinforce transparency and accessibility.
  • Whenever possible, names should be set over 1 line and up to a maximum of 3 lines, depending on length.
  • Where applicable, ‘Department’ should always be the first word and appear on its own line for emphasis and consistency.
  • The identities have been designed not to use commas in the name.

The colour line

A colour line is used to align and contain the logo elements into a single piece of artwork.

The line is a device to highlight your organisation’s departmental family colour; it is chosen by the department. When defining your colour, ensure that it works well both in print and digitally.

Non-ministerial departments, executive agencies and NDPBs should adopt the colour of their parent department when using the identity system.

The weight of the colour line used in any identity should be consistent throughout the HM Government family of identities. To ensure that this is the case, please use the artwork provided by the Cabinet Office.

The line weight has been defined so that it is clearly visible in both larger and smaller formats while complementing the Royal Coat of Arms/symbol and the typography.